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Weh Ya Gone

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Weh Ya Gone

“Weh Ya Gone”
by Cocoa Tea
featuring Massive B 
Produced by Bobby Kondors
on Massive B Sound System

Weh Ya Gone as the lyrics to this song begins translation: Yesterday World, Where You Gone… Showing that the world is still suffering from the effects of the pandemic. It’s a poetic view of how we are all living a new normal with a fresh reggae beat coined Nah Curfew Riddim. Classic SKA vibes that promote moves that give good feelings during these troubled times. Delivery  from a singer hailing from Rockey Point fishing village, Clarendon   The sweet sweet voice of COCOA TEA  with the song “Weh Ya Gone “ A song & riddim will remind you of the Golden Years of Reggae , Dancehall ! When Sound System would string UP !!!!

The riddim has the true Reggae vibe that people from around the world have learned and come to love about the West Indies and the Caribbean.
Producer – Bobby Konders  Musician – Madman Myrie Mix Eng. Kisko Hype
Reviewed by

Darryl “Awesome” Owens
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Born in Rocky Point, Clarendon Parish, Jamaica, Cocoa Tea was popular in Jamaica from 1985, but has become successful worldwide since the 1990. Clarendon is a parish in Jamaica,  located on the south of the island, roughly halfway between the island’s eastern and western ends. Located in the county of Middlesex, it is bordered by Manchester on the west, Saint Catherine in the east, and in the north by Saint Ann. Its capital and largest town is May Pen. Reggae is deeply linked to Rastafari, an Afrocentric religion which developed in Jamaica in the 1930s, aiming at promoting pan-Africanism. Soon after the Rastafarian movement appeared, the international popularity of reggae music became associated with and increased the visibility of Rastafari and spread its gospel throughout the world.

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