Ari Lennox
Song: Waste My Time
Album: age/sex/location
Waste My Time (Radio Edit)
Label: Dreamville Innerscope Records


"Waste My Time" by Ari Lennox is a standout track from her 2023 album "age/sex/location." Known for her soulful voice and candid lyrics, Lennox explores themes of love, desire, and the complexities of modern relationships in this song. The track features a smooth, laid-back R&B beat that perfectly complements Lennox's rich vocal delivery. Her lyrical approach in "Waste My Time" is both introspective and direct, as she delves into the emotions that come with romantic entanglements and the longing for genuine connection despite the potential for disappointment.

In "Waste My Time," Lennox's storytelling shines as she navigates the push and pull of wanting to spend time with someone who may not be right for her. The song captures the tension between attraction and self-awareness, highlighting her vulnerability and strength. Lennox's ability to convey such nuanced emotions through her music is a testament to her artistry. "Waste My Time" not only showcases her vocal talent but also her knack for creating relatable, heartfelt music that resonates with listeners. It is a compelling addition to her discography, reinforcing her status as a significant voice in contemporary R&B.



Ari Lennox

Born: March 16, 1991
Vocals Song Writer
Dreamville Innerscope Records