Magma Riddim
Song: UNO (Shake Yuh Ting)
Album: Magma Riddim - Teamfoxx & Kinetix - 2024 St Lucia Soca
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Label: Team Fox


UNO (Shake Yuh Ting) is by Motto from Magma Riddim EP is another   Teamfoxx & Kinetix 2024 St Lucia Soca production released in 2024 is a Reggae Soca tune. Released on Teamfoxx records. Motto have a distinctive vocal that is unmistakable and is huge all around the Caribbean and St Lucia. These soca Rhythms/ Riddims work the dancefloor, the beachs, the whips and the Bikini Boat Cruises. UNO (Shake Yuh Ting) has Plenty of high energy vibes and grooves. This single is just one from the Magma Riddim Ep that is making around the world with a blaze. When you out and about and you hear this jam come on make sure you show your love by "Shaking Yuh Ting" for Motto and Team Foxx! Magma Riddim UNO (Shake Yuh Ting)

Motto, the dynamic soca artist hailing from Trinidad and Tobago, has electrified audiences worldwide with his infectious rhythms and high-energy performances. With a career spanning over a decade, Motto has become a household name in the soca music scene, known for his ability to blend traditional Caribbean sounds with modern influences to create hits that dominate the airwaves during Carnival season and beyond.