Teyjas, Aviraas
Song: Enigma (Mijangos Afro Mix)
Album: Enigma EP
Enigma (Mijangos Afro Mix)
Enigma (Mijangos Afro Drums Mix)
Enigma (Mijangos Instrumental Afro Mix)
Label: Wind Horse Records


Following on from their epic debut release on Wind Horse Records, Teyjas & Aviraas team up with Mijangos for a remix EP that's been put together for every dance-floor or soundsystem that you can possibly think of! The track ‘Enigma' by Teyjas & Aviraas has been given some tasty triple treatment from Mijangos whose prowess is on full display. The first remix is an afro-mix and has classical male Indian vocals as the main protagonist, interweaved playfully with a bouncy bassline and crisp percussive beats for a vibe that's definitely going to pull you in, full-force. Adding a dimension of mystery to the track, Mijangos also blends a female voice and uses it as an atmospheric element along with the bubbling synth-work and awesome arrangement pattern. Busy, brilliant and quite addictive to listen to, we bet this one will be on repeat on your playlists and is definitely going to be one of your most played tunes.

The second remix on this offering is titled the "Afro drums" remix and as the title suggests, is all about the rhythm. Giving any track a rework is not easy, especially when you do it 3 times over as well. With distinct Balearic roots, this track is an ode to the tech-house bangers of old, as its powerful, driving and absolutely no nonsense. The minimalistic approach to this remix is far different from any of the others on this offering and quite simply is a heater, wherever it will be played. Meant for the sweaty indoors or the sunny outdoors, this one is sure to send your speakers or your mates into a tizzy when it's played.

The third & last remix is an instrumental and is an afro-flavored groover with tension & movement throughout the tracks. Starting off with a simple kick-percussion combination, this remix powerfully builds itself up for the listener, with minimal drama and maximum effect. The synths beautifully combine with other aural textures to deliver a proper ‘bomba' to whoever plays this out, wherever they may be.

A truly superlative triple remix package from Mijangos for Teyjas & Aviraas makes this EP a MUST-HAVE. Get it now!