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Ari Lennox f. J. Cole
Song: Shea Butter Baby
Album: Shea Butter Baby
Shea Butter Baby (Radio Edit)
Label: Dreamville Innerscope Records


"Shea Butter Baby" by Ari Lennox is the title track from her debut studio album, released in 2019. This song, featuring rapper J. Cole, is a soulful and sensual ode that highlights Lennox's smooth vocals and sophisticated songwriting. The track became widely popular following its inclusion in the soundtrack for the film "Creed II," bringing Lennox's rich, neo-soul sound to a broader audience. "Shea Butter Baby" captures the essence of Lennox's musical style, blending modern R&B with classic soul influences, and showcasing her ability to convey deep emotion through her voice and lyrics.


Lyrically, "Shea Butter Baby" delves into themes of love, intimacy, and the emotional nuances of romantic relationships. Lennox sings about the intoxicating and all-encompassing nature of a deep connection with someone special, likening the experience to the soothing and nurturing qualities of shea butter. The song's production features a lush, slow-burning beat that perfectly complements Lennox's sultry delivery and J. Cole's smooth verse, creating a dreamy, immersive soundscape. "Shea Butter Baby" is a testament to Lennox's talent and artistry, establishing her as a significant voice in contemporary R&B and leaving a lasting impression on listeners with its heartfelt and evocative portrayal of love and desire.



Ari Lennox

Born: March 16, 1991
Vocals Song Writer
Dreamville Innerscope Records