Parralox Goodbye Berlin
Song: Goodbye Berlin
Album: Goodbye Berlin
Goodbye Berlin (Synth Wave Single Remix)
Goodbye Berlin (Italo Connection Remix Radio Edit)
Goodbye Berlin (Anaqim Remix)
Goodbye Berlin (Italo Connection Remix Extended)
Goodbye Berlin (Atomsimn Dark Dream Mix)
Goodbye Berlin (Birmingham Electric U-Bahn Reconstruction)
Goodbye Berlin (DMT Berzerk Remix)
Goodbye Berlin (Fused Remix)
Goodbye Berlin (Planet Neil Mix)
Goodbye Berlin (Uncreated Remix)
Goodbye Berlin (Wayne Numan Remix)


Very nice track. Can't help to that this song is not about Berlin's that just closed in Chicago this past weekend.. :-(..


Goodbye Berlin', the new single from Parralox, the electronic pop band fronted by out singer John von Ahlen, is a synthpop-retrowave track about running away from a lover. It's darker and more introspective than the band's recent release 'Tears Of Faith', but like its predecessor, is also based on real life. 'I wrote the song after a tense visit with a friend in Berlin,' von Ahlen explains. 'It got to the point where I literally had to get the hell out of Berlin as quickly as I could. I mean, I just didn't want to be there.' Some of the lyrics are taken directly from text messages von Ahlen sent to friends at the time, including the song's opening line. I spent three days walking in the rain. 'I escaped to London a few days later where I wrote the song in a day, taking elements of what happened and turning it into a bitter-sweet love song,' the singer-songwriter says.
'Goodbye Berlin' is available on all digital platforms and is proudly presented to us by Subterrane Records. It is presented in 11 mixes that cover just about every genre packing dance floors today. Packing dance floors is what Australian band fronted by John von Ahlen has been doing since 2007 and 'Goodbye Berlin' and 'Tears Of Faith' come from Parralox's album 'Genesis.'