Lula vs Alan T
Song: There Is Only One
Album: There Is Only One (Tommy Myst Remixes)
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Label: Kurt Recores
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Thank you for the continued promotional support. With each release to shows the commitment in keeping dance music alive. This release without fail is another display of dance music at its best. With full support on There's Only One I'm sure it will be a tremendous success on air, IN the club and by the pool. This one is on Fire.

There ia only One by Lula vs Alan Here are 2 new ADVANCE PLAY dubs by NYC's own Tommy Myst of the KULT classic entitled Lula vs Alan T - There Is Only One. (The original Acapella was composed and produced in 2008 by Eddie Cumana over Tibal Tarante's instrumental remix version of his production remix of Lula's "Fire & Burn")