Leandro Da Silva, Dean Walker, Pension
Song: Isla Morada EP
Album: Isla Morada EP
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Label: Black Lizard


"All Mixes are great. Very cool Tribal vibe. FULL SUPPORT!"

Inspired by the vibrant jewel of the Key Islands, the ISLA MORADA EP seamlessly merges the worlds of Afro House and Tech House. Crafted by Miami-based talents Dean Walker and Pension, and complemented by a remix from Leandro Da Silva, this musical odyssey immerses you in a lush blend of Afro percussions intricately woven with a captivating Spanish vocal. This symbiotic fusion narrates an enchanting story, transporting you to distant horizons where the drums' heartbeat resonates deep within.


Leandro Da Silva, profoundly moved by the original vocal, felt compelled to infuse his unique artistry into the track. In his stunning remix, he breathes new life into the music, steering it into the realm of Tech House. With an irresistible and infectious groove, Leandro Da Silva's interpretation offers a fresh and invigorating perspective, rekindling the original composition with newfound energy.