harvey ross I don't depend on you
Harvey Ross
Song: I Don't Depend (On You)
Album: Harvey Ross - I Don't Depend (On You) (Original Mix) [Dynamite Disco Club]
I Don't Depend (On You) (Original Mix)
I Don't Depend (On You) (Radio Edit)
Label: Dynamite Disco Club


Beautiful this captures the essence of true Disco House music! Full support -Awesome


After having a successful string of singles through 2023 such as "Disco's Finest", "The Beat" and "What It Takes" that have landed top spots in Traxsource's Top 100 charts, Harvey's debut on Dynamite Disco Club embodies the essence of classic disco, infused with modern flair. Its infectious rhythm, groovy basslines, and tightly tuned drums are complemented by a fusion of soulful vocals and lush chord voicings that resonate with the listener.

Harvey's adept use of instruments such as the wurlitzer, horns, and other elements creates a rich, textured soundscape that transports you to the golden era of disco while maintaining a fresh, contemporary vibe. With its pulsating energy and irresistibly catchy vocal hook, this track is destined to set dance floors ablaze and become a favourite among disco enthusiasts and music lovers alike.

Release Date : January 12th, 2024
Nu Disco

Catalog Number DDC032