Hayley Quinn
Fuerza Regida, Marshmello
Song: Hayley Quinn
Album: Hayley Quinn EP
Harley Quinn (Maurice Joshua Club)
Harley Quinn (Maurice Joshua Radio Mix)
Harley Quinn (Maurice Joshua Inst'l)
Label: 5020 Music


Hayley Quinn by Fuerza Regida, Marshmello is a hot dance Latin track on 5020 Music. This EP is packed with 3 Mixes mastered by Maurice Joshua. This release is strictly for DJ's that have show on Radio and in the clubs... Loaded with energy lased with hand claps and a tight Latin vibe. This is sure to move the soul and Afro-Latin Dance floors every. Maurice Joshua works his magic in this project that you do not want to miss because I'm sure it will be a spring and summer jam both in the clubs and poolside. The YouTube video that is attacked this post shows the original official Hayley Quinn Video, a great video but does not reflect the Maurice Joshua remixes..

Fuerza Regida is a regional Mexican group that gained popularity for their contributions to the Latin music scene, particularly in the genre of regional Mexican music. Hailing from Sinaloa, Mexico, Fuerza Regida has become known for their unique fusion of traditional Mexican sounds with contemporary influences. Their music often explores themes of love, life, and the experiences of the youth in the context of regional Mexican culture. Fuerza Regida has gained a significant following, and their energetic performances and innovative approach to the genre have contributed to their success.

Marshmello, on the other hand, is an American electronic music producer and DJ known for his signature marshmallow-shaped helmet. His identity was initially kept secret, adding an element of mystery to his persona. Marshmello rose to fame with his melodic and catchy electronic dance music (EDM) tracks. He has collaborated with various artists across genres, expanding his reach beyond the EDM community. With chart-topping hits and a strong presence in the global music scene, Marshmello has become a household name in the realm of electronic music.

Both Fuerza Regida and Marshmello showcase the diversity and richness of the global music landscape, representing different genres and connecting with audiences worldwide through their unique artistic expressions.