Hamza Rahimtula
Song: Quilombo
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Label: Nervous Records


Hamza Rahimtula - Quilombo [Nervous Records]

Hamza Rahimtula 5:14

It's relatively rare that one runs out of adjectives, when describing an electronic music artist, but that's exactly what happened with Hamza Rahimtula's next release on Nervous Records, a long-standing NYC-based label, titled "Quilombo".


The celebrated veteran DJ & producer from India and the chief honcho at Wind Horse Records, Hamza's release catalogue would make anyone dizzy with delight. Quilombo is an enjoyable single from this versatile sound smith & has a distinctly balearic flavor to it. Playful vocals intertwined with a juicy, tropical baseline are the perfect ingredients for a track that's interspersed with samples from a stringed instrument along with groovy percussions.


That's not all, Hamza's penchant for epic sound design is on full display here, with a breakdown that's got a beautifully laid out piano solo in symbiosis with the aforementioned vocals, that's primed to create moments of dance floor magic.


The energy of the tracks & it's vibe might just want to make you get up, shuffle your feet and give you those sunny, peachy feels that you've been waiting for as we move into winter. Proper winter warmer this, don't miss out!