Hablando Claro (Extended Mix) - Jesus Fernandez, Javi Reina
Jesus Fernandez, Javi Reina
Song: Hablando Claro
Album: Jesus Fernandez, Javi Reina - Hablando Claro
Hablando Claro (Extended Mix)
Label: Black Lizard


Here we are with the first release of 2024 from Black Lizard Records! HABLANDO CLARO is not just the title of the new collaboration by Spanish DJ producers Jesus Fernandez and Javi Reina; it's a way of life! This lively fusion of Latin vocals, percussion, and infectious beats is tailor-made for lovers of Latin house vibes. The lyrics add a touch of spice, telling a story of quick infatuation and charming encounters. It's a flavorful feast for your dancefloor, served for breakfast, lunch, and dinner!