Gimme The Night
David Anthony feat. Dwayne Pugh and Latreda Maxie
Song: Gimme The Night
Album: Gimme The Night EP
Gimme The Night (Vocal Club Mix)
Gimme The Night (Instrumental Club Mix)
Gimme The Night (Radio Mix)
Label: Planet Hum South Beach


Back in the day this one was a hot release created and produced by George Benson and at the time it was called "Give Me The Night" released in 1989 on Warner Brothers Records. Brand new single Gimme The Night by David Anthony feat. Dwayne Pugh and Latreda Maxie brand new for 2024 This revisit is incredible with extremely strong a House Music Vibe.  The vocal rendition by David Anthony is Awesome and brings chills to your body and soul. Watch out for Gimme The Night because it will be a summer blast.

Gimmie The Night is a great song originally produced by George Benson that had the airways blazing in 1980 and now there has been a new retouch of this classic hit available to feed the hungry and work the dancefloor. This one is hit ready and already has the juices flowing heavy in house heads everywhere.