Bubbro Banton
Song: Di Don (Burro Mix)
Album: Tap Up Riddim
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Label: Massive B


MASSIVE B TAP UP Riddim Lyric Videos ,Beanie
Man ,Burro Banton ,King Kong
Massive B presents The TAP UP Riddim !!
Tap up Riddim is a reggae dancehall Riddim with a
throwback feel !
This Riddim was made in 1990 & producer Bobby
Konders forgot about it .
Until a year ago , transferring 2inch 24 track tapes to pro
tools , he found it !
With New songs from foundation artists , Burro Banton ,
King Kong ,Beenie Man
& introducing Gwalla !
TAP UP Riddim is 85bpm !!!
Please check out the lyric videos below !!!