Blk Bug
Song: Open Your Mind
Album: Open Your Mind (Rave Mixes)
Open Your Mind (Original)
Open Your Mind (HardtraX RMX)
Label: Dark Force Recordings
(DFR 002)


Welcome to the world of indomitable pulse and hard, relentless sounds! Our latest release is hard techno at its most intense. With crashing beats and piercing synthesizers, this EP brings the dark to life.
The industrial aesthetic of each track takes you on an unforgettable journey through unfathomable depths.
From the gloomy atmosphere to the relentless soundscape, every element of this release is a step deeper into the unflinching world of hard techno. The unmistakable combination of sound and rhythm will shake your soul and ignite your passion for this powerful sound.
Are you ready to embrace the darkness and open up your mind? Click now to get this release and push the possible boundaries!