ishxn bad boy boogie
Song: Bad Boy Boogie
Album: ISHXN - Bad Boy Boogie (Original Mix) [Dynamite Disco Club]
Bad Boy Boogie (Original Mix)
Bad Boy Boogie (Radio Edit)
Label: Dynamite Disco Club


Pune based up and coming DJ and Producer, ISHXN returns to Dynamite Disco Club after a year with "Bad Boy Boogie"

This single is a sonic journey that seamlessly blends the soulful nostalgia of disco and funk with the innovative sounds of today. The use of vocoder vocals adds a futuristic and playful feel, punctuated with funky guitar licks and a groovy bassline adds infectious energy and serves as the heartbeat of the song, driving the rhythm and infusing the composition with a vibrant, danceable spirit.


ISHXN delivers with a bouncy and infectious groove that will have listeners moving from the first beat to the last.

Sweet Disco beats that excite the dance floor! -Awesome