Back To Your Place (Radio Edit) - October London
October London
Song: Back To Your Place
Album: The Rebirth Of Marvin
Radio Edit
Label: Death Row Records


It took a while for this single to make an mark on the scene but as the year progressed and by summers end after it's initial release in March of 2023 folks were asking for this artist by first and last name.  By early fall it was a huge hit in the clubs on the radio and in peoples hearts. This single is from the album The  Rebirth of Marvin and is getting selective play by DJ's everywhere. As the name of the album implies October London has a sound remarkably similar to the Late Marvin Gaye (April 2, 1939 -April 1, 1984) and listeners often ask DJ's what was the name of that Marvin Gaye song you just played. The album is jammed with sultry hits that you won't want to miss.  Be sure to check out other singles and Artist on this website