Teresash Woy (Afro Mix)

Wind Horse Records is proud to welcome the illustrious and hugely talented Indian DJ & Producer Unnayanaa with a brilliant two track EP titled “Teresash Woy”. His sonic genius binds the incredible vocals of Fitsum W Cherkos and amazing song-writing skills of Mahmoud Ahmed for a spellbinding offering.

The release features two versions of Teresash Woy and is a continuation to Unnayanaa’s ongoing series of Ethiopian recordings from his travels in Addis Ababa in 2019. The first version keeps his key signature sounds of African groove for the eclectic listener while the second version is a straightforward electronic, club sound.

Teresash Woy (Afro Mix) is, as the name suggests, an Afro-influenced rendition that starts off with organic, ethnic drums and percussions that get you in the groove straightaway. Happy, upbeat stabs and subtle melodies envelop the track as it progresses, making way for a tight bassline. Fitsum’s inspiring vocals follow suit, accompanied by a gorgeous breakdown that you can’t help but sway your body to. This versatile tune can be played out during those memorable sunsets, sunrises and just about everything else in between.

Unnayanaa’s fiercely skilled production talents can be heard through Teresash Woy (Afro Tech Mix) as it reels you in with its stripped down and minimalistic vibe. An arpeggiated lead lends itself to the track and gives it a melodic groove that’s hard to ignore. Fitsum’s vocals yet again takes the track to another level as they effortlessly slide in and take it to another level. Made for those intimate club moments and big rooms, the Afro Tech Mix is a must-have in your gig arsenal.

Expect much more from Unnayanaa on the Wind Horse imprint in the years to come!

Release Date : January 21st, 2022

Catalog Number WHR057
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Teresash Woy (Afro Mix) – Unnayanaa Ft Fitsum

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