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What is Progressive

This chart genre is Progressive, but it may include songs that crossover from other genres because it has elements of R&B, Pop, House, Rave, 

“Progressive is what it sounds like, If you ever hear dance music at a casino, a health club or a hotel lobby you will find that it is mostly Progressive House. It can be artist like Katie Perry, Chris Brown and other pop artist. But progressive can also be more and will morph into a Rave with deep house, melodic vibes and rhythms. Some with heavy chants and repetitious verbs. In addition it’s a fusion of Euro, UK house, US House and variable of all that leans in all directions.

Progressive Culture

This culture can be received in most general areas. 90 degree day’s by the pool. Jogging on the beach, piped in bathroom music and of course in the club. While in the club the go-go dance on a 3 foot round suspended stage. The guys dress dark with monster boots with spikes and matching choker and bracelets. Bikini babes with tight bodies and furry knee shoes. The quier in tight pants, converse sneaks, and bare naked shirtless. Pink, Blue and yellow wigs dressed in French Maid outfits, But don’t want to tell the whole story, you must experience it for yourself.   

Top 50 Progressive Music Charts is provided to you by Awesome DJ Productions. They consist of the top 50 rap songs that are pick hits by ADJ. These songs are chosen from new single releases supplied through direct service from Labels, Promoters, The Artist and pools.

Images are supplied by Labels, Promoters, The Artist or are downloaded from said media sites. The images are used on this site for reference and They appear on this site for promotion purposes only and are subject to copy rights.

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