DJ with Controller Only


This service is to hire a DJ only and is for bar owners or venue with Sound System already installed at the venue



DJ with Controller Only

This service is for bar owners or Sound System already Installed at the venue. DJ with Controller Only, for up to 4 hours of music. Sound system, electricity, table will be provided by the customer. Location will be less than 75 miles from Downtown Chicago

DJ will arrive to the venue with controller and or laptop only. Connections should be already available for the DJ to plug into the venue sound system. (The DJ will not supply Amps or Speakers for this venue)…,. Less than 75 miles from Downtown Chicago. This service is for a total of 4 (four) hours.

The DJ is only equipped with a media for playing music via a computer, or controller and microphone for making announcements. DJ is not responsible or at fault for the installed sound system at the bar, lounge or venue that has poor sound quality or failure. If DJ w/ Controller for Bar or Lounge sound system already Installed is not the service that you are looking for try our DJ with Basic Sound systems


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