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Top 50 Chart (Soulful Deep Jackin Tribal)

House Music

House Chart Week ending Dec 31, 2021
Top 50 House Songs

Top 50 House Songs

Song Artist BPM

Label (Cat)

1 Ultra (UL 03728) Angel (Original Club Mix) Terry Hunter f. Divine Brown 124

2 Glitterbox Recordings (Promo) Children (Mele Club Mix) Billy Porter 126

3 Sean Jones Music (SJM1132021) Love Will (Demuir Club Mix) Sean Jones 126

4 In House (INHR 784) Lift Me Up (Todd Terry Club Mix) Message In The Music aka 'Chip E, Myk 124

5 Wh0 Plays (WPR 032) You Are My Love (Original Club Mix) Jude, Frank & Cammora 125

6 Whore House (HW 771) Movin On (Original Club Mix) Mr. Jay 126

7 Pogo House (PHR 301) Take Me Away (Original Club Mix) Katermurr 125

8 Cleveland City (CCMM 040) Just A Feelin (Original Club Mix) Mr. Jay & K69 126

9 I Am House (Music Plant Group) (MPIAH080) Good Times (Jackin House Mix) Stefano Pain, Francesco Pittaluga 125

10 Dynamite Disco Club (FR 258) Rhythm Maker (Original Mix) C. Da Afro 118

11 Whore House (HW 771) Keep Movin On (Original Club Mix) Mr. Jay 125

12 I Am House (Music Plant Group) (MPIAH079) Love Somebody (Dawna & Georgie's Jackin Dawna Montell, Georgie Porgie 124

13 Elektra () Forget Me Nots 2021 (Anatta Club Mix) Patrice Rushen 125

14 Whore House (HW 803) Touch Of Love (Original Club Mix) Mr. Jay 124

15 Ground Up (GUR 019) Motivate (Original Club Mix) Jeremiah Asiamah 125

16 Flashmob (FMR 189) Anxious (Original Club Mix) Jacob Colon 124

17 i Am House | MPG (MPIAH 083) Life Goes On (Dan-Ros Club Mix) Georgie Porgie 124

18 W+L Records (WLM97) A Love Beginning Matt FX Ft. Melika 123

19 i Am House | MPG (MPIAH084) When I'm Feelin U (Original Club Mix) Brothers In Motion 122

20 IAH Records (IAH011) House Of Light (Move) (Original Club Mix) Crystal Waters & Light 129

21 Subdivision Music () Mission One (Zoo Brazil Club Mix) Roger Silver 124

22 Defected () ICU (10 Years Of Eats Everything Extended Cakes Da Killa x Proper Villains featuring 128

23 D4 D4nce (d4d8192021) My Eyes Only (Extended Mix) Ashibah 124

24 SRNDR (SRNDR 21016) Badalogo (Original Club Mix) JCLD 124

25 Strictly Rhythm (4050538 717136) Free 2021 (Lowderz Club Mix) Ultra Nate 124

26 In House (INHR 772) Karpinter (Original Club Mix) Todd Terry 125

27 New State (NEW 444B) Just Fine (Mark McCabe Club Mix) Josh Hunter & Xero 126

28 Sony () Moving On Up 2021 (CJ aka BKLYN Slice Club Mix) M People 128

29 Adesso Music (AM08RPL) Kaolack (Todd Terry Club Mix) (Version 1) Virak 125

30 3rd Way Recordings (3WR 105) Runaway (Original Club Mix) Under Plane & Nu Ground Foundation 127

31 Nu Groove (548292) I Love (Extended Mix) Harry Romero 127

32 Bite This! (BIT 082) The Move (Original Club Mix) Isenberg 126

33 Defected (DFM862021) No More Looking Back (David Penn Extended Idris Elba & Inner City featuring Stefanie 123

34 Bid Musik () Let's Talk About Groove (Original Club Mix) Paul Najera & Jr. Quijada 126

35 Urbana (URBANA 127) Can't Live Without You (Original Club Mix) Yass & David Penn 123

36 G*High (405681 3278231) Show Me Love 2021 (Dead As Disko & Richard Robin S. 124

37 Nervous (091012 545269) Syzygy (Original Club Mix) Neil Amarey 121

38 418 Music (418M282) Anytime You Want (Original Club Mix) Sted-E & Hybrid Heights 123

39 InHouse Records (IHR) Suga Free (Matthias Heilbronn Soulflower Mix) Todd Terry,Bridget Barkan 125

40 Sony () Cambia El Paso (Eric Kupper Club Mix) Jennifer 'J.Lo' Lopez f. Rauw Alejandro 121

41 Defected () Take Control (Extended Mix) Mele´ & Bontan featuring Clementine 126

42 Rollerblaster Records (RB58) You Don t Know (Extended Club Mix) Five Past 5 125

43 Rollerblaster Records (RB57) What is House - [Extended Mix] Karl Frampton 125

44 DMT (DMT004) This Is How It Did Classy Touch 125

45 Freeze Records (FR759) The Sweet (Extended Remix) Todd Terry & Swan Lake 126

46 DTLA (DTLAR017) Take Me Up (Club Mix) Redux Saints 126

47 Force Of Habit | Blackhole (50th Release) No Pants Party - Here We Go No Pants Party 126

48 DTLA (LSVol3) Mothership (Extended Mix) Kristi Yang 129

49 Sony () McFadden & Whitehead - ANSUN (Eric Kupper McFadden & Whitehead 117

50 Bootleg EP (Bootleg EP) Live and Love (Extended) Jay Anthony 125
Angel Terry Hunter feat Divine Brown
Lift Me Up
You Are My Love
Movin On Mr Jay
Take Me Away Katermurr
Just A Feelin Mr Jay K
Movin On Mr Jay
Good Vibrations Mr. Jay
House Music Life Goes On - Georgie Art
House Music Can We Fall in Love
House Music Mike Dunn
House Music hadiya george
House Music Vintage Culture It is what it is
House Music Esmoove
Defected records
House Music todd terry freeze
House Music give me that beat
House Music Roger Silver
House Music Todd Terry
House Music Todd Terry

What is House

This chart genre is House, but it may include songs that crossover from other genres because it has elements of R&B, Soul, Jazz Gospel Hip-Hop, Rap.

“House” was born in Chicago in the early to mid eighties where Club and Disco music reign in the Bars in the downtown and Rush Street areas. At that time there were not a lot of blacks that were allowed entry to the clubs. The alternative was House Party’s, events that were hosted at people’s homes, backyards and in parks. The music was uptempo Soul and R&B with lot’s of soulful vocals. In the years since House has evolved into countless genres and have become it’s own parent.    

House Culture

The culture of house around the world can be categorize in a number of ways. Most house heads follow DJ’s, because they spin a particular genre of house like “Soulful”  Jackin’  Tribal, Gospel, Acid, Progressive etc.    In certain areas or cities you may find neighborhoods of different genres but with house music no matter the genre their is no color boundary. This is a culture in itself. Remixes by DJ’s and producers add an even high dynamic to house because while the dominate music style is Hip-Hop and Rap, when the DJ drops a house remix of a hot Hip- Hop track the the crowds go wild for the familiar songs.    

House Top 50 Charts is provided to you by Awesome DJ Productions. They consist of the top 50 House songs that are pick hits by ADJ. These songs are chosen from new single releases supplied through direct service from Labels, Promoters, The Artist and pools.

Images are supplied by Labels, Promoters, The Artist or are downloaded from said media sites. The images are used on this site for reference and They appear on this site for promotion purposes only and are subject to copy rights.

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