T-Baby at VIP

T-Baby at Vip
VIP Lounge Inc. 13909 Lincoln Dolton Illinois 60419
February 14, 2024
8:00 pm
until 12:00 am
February 8, 2024
Venue Type: Afterwork, Bar or Lounge
$ 0
Type Event: R&B, Steppers

T-Baby at the V. Come out and see the fantastic and terrific at Vip lounge 13909 Lincoln each and every Wednesday 7 pm until Midnight

T-Baby at the V. Come out and see the fantastic and Terrific T-Baby at the VIP Lounge each and every Wednesday 7pm until Midnight. Mature Adults, Cash Bar, Music, Video Gaming, Music, Great Drinks by your Bar Star T-Baby. ATM inside. Ring the Bell and come on in…

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