Steppers Set with Brenda

Brenda Steppers
Hero's Sports Bar and Grill 14346 S Western Ave, Posen, IL 60469 USA
December 14, 2023
6:00 pm
until 11:30 pm
Type Event: Steppers, House, R&B

Steppers Set with Brenda and DJ Voodoo Child at Hero’s Bar and Grill.

Behind the Bar:

Hero’s Bar and Grill has recently welcomed a new addition to its team, and patrons are buzzing with excitement about their newest resident bartender, Brenda. With her infectious enthusiasm and passion for mixology, Brenda has quickly become a beloved figure behind the bar. Her vibrant personality and exceptional bartending skills make every visit to Hero’s a memorable experience.

Brenda brings a fresh perspective to Hero’s cocktail menu, infusing it with creativity and innovation. Her signature cocktails, such as the “Brenda’s Bliss” and the “Hero’s Delight,” have become instant favorites among regulars. Brenda’s dedication to crafting unique and delicious drinks has elevated the overall bar experience, drawing in new customers and loyal fans alike.

Beyond her mixology prowess, Brenda is known for her warm and welcoming demeanor. She has a knack for making customers feel like old friends from the moment they walk in the door. Her friendly conversations and genuine interest in the well-being of her patrons create a sense of community that is at the heart of Hero’s Bar and Grill. With Brenda as their newest bartender, the future is bright for this beloved establishment.


In the booth:

DJ Voodoo is Hero’s Extreme DJ Extrodianer, mixing with a smooth blend of Steppers Music both new and old. Many familiar tunes that captivate the crowds sing and dance to and many new ones that light up people’s faces. With a wide variety of genres DJ Voodoo seems to keep the moods high and excited with R&B and House Music classics and hits.

On The Table

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In The Kitchen:

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Brenda Steppers
Brenda Steppers

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Hero's Sports Bar and Grill
14346 S Western Ave
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