Pink and White

The Grand Ballroom 6351 S. Cottage Grove Ave. Chicago, Illinois 60637
September 7, 2024
7:00 pm
Venue Type: Bar or Lounge
$ 20
Type Event: Steppers, R&B

Pink and White Affair DJ Eric ET Taylor at the Grand Ballroom…. 6351 S. Cottage Grove Chicago, Illinois 60637 advance tickets $15

A Pink and White Steppers Affair is an event that merges elegance with the rhythmic, social dance culture of stepping. This affair typically draws an enthusiastic crowd eager to showcase their stepping skills while embracing the stylish color scheme of pink and white. Stepping, known for its smooth gliding movements and synchronized footwork, adds a dynamic and interactive element to the evening, transforming it into a celebration of grace and rhythm.The ambiance at a Pink and White Steppers Affair is both sophisticated and festive. The venue is usually adorned with decorations that highlight the theme, featuring soft pink lighting, white drapery, and pink and white floral arrangements. The decor aims to create a serene yet vibrant atmosphere that encourages socializing and dancing. Tables are often set with elegant white linens, accented with pink napkins and centerpieces, providing a cohesive look that enhances the event’s aesthetic.Attendees of this affair often dress to impress, adhering to the pink and white dress code. This not only adds to the visual appeal of the event but also fosters a sense of unity and community among the guests. The evening usually kicks off with a social hour, where guests can mingle, enjoy light refreshments, and take in the beautiful surroundings. As the night progresses, the dance floor becomes the focal point, with experienced steppers leading the way and encouraging newcomers to join in.Music is a crucial element of a Pink and White Steppers Affair, with DJs or live bands playing a mix of smooth jazz, R&B, and classic stepping tunes. The music sets the tone for the evening, creating an inviting atmosphere that encourages guests to dance and enjoy themselves. The event often includes stepping demonstrations, contests, and group dances, providing entertainment and opportunities for participants to showcase their skills.Catering at such an event typically features a menu that complements the theme, with a selection of elegant appetizers, main courses, and desserts. Pink-themed cocktails, rosé wine, and a variety of non-alcoholic beverages are served, ensuring that guests have plenty of options to enjoy throughout the evening. Overall, a Pink and White Steppers Affair is a beautifully orchestrated event that combines the elegance of a themed party with the excitement and energy of stepping, offering a memorable experience for all who attend.

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Venue Overview

The Grand Ballroom
The Grand Ballroom
6351 South Cottage Grove Avenue
Zip: 60637
(888) 498-0884
The Grand Ballroom 6351 South Cottage Grove Avenue Chicago, Illinois 60637 USA (888) 498-0884