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Hi, welcome to my first online newsletter. I’ve been doing newsletters in print for my company’s and others for over 30 years. This is the first time Awesome News has been available digitally. Now you can get it when you want it just by clicking.  If you subscribe you will get an email notification when significant up dates are published. can use to produce my newsletter on a regular basis. You will find information about Awesome DJ Production.

 Awesome is a brand that I have had tagged to me because of a friend of mine that used to do help me move my DJ equipment back in the day. Somebody asked me to DJ or play a song while I was playing this other song I can’t remember what the sound was but they wanted to hear Parliament Funkadelic when I mixed it in, and it was so smooth that they didn’t you realize it was two different songs. That came back to me and said “You’re Awesome” My roadie Mike Robinson has been calling me Awesome every since. It became the company name Awesome DJ production, and my middle or nickname. Darryl “Awesome” Owens.

Alright! So what you got to find here are Events and Concerts, Reviews on Artist, Singles, Albums, current top songs and pick hits and so much more. If you are an Artist, Promoter, Record Label etc. and you would like your material reviewed here submit it to me. 

So without further ado,  I would like to say is thank you for subscribing. And as always, when you get too many emails, sometimes it becomes a burden. You’re always welcome to unsubscribe. At the bottom of the email email,  just click on the unsubscribe button and you will be subscribed.

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We do not profit from your email address, and we will not spam you. At the most. You will get a newsletter maybe   once a week. At the least it should be once a month. Right now we’re going to work on once a month unless there’s some current events that come up from the last newsletter.

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Here is where you can support us by donating money to help offset the cost of maintaining our Website, Newsletter, What’s new? Music Charts, Research and more.