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DJ Darryl Awesome Owens spinning at Club Voodoo roof top of the RIO Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas(Left). DJ Darryl Awesome Owens spinning poolside at Escape V The Midwest own Music Conference. Be sure to friend us by clicking on our social network Icons at the top of our paged.

What's New?

We are bringing back the WHAT'S NEW? section of this website as there are several new songs and artist that will make an impact on the on the scene in the coming days and months.

Born November 3, 1994 ELLA MAI had one of the biggest chart toppers of 2018 with her hit single Boo’d Up. This record has an appealing R&B sound that works well in the Hip-Hop scene. British born ELLA MAI signed with 10 Summers Records in 2014 and her music is now distributed by Interscope Records. Her world tour has already started in the U.K. and is making it’s way to the U.S. with stops in Seattle Feb 14, 2019, Las Vegas Feb 23, Chicago March 3, New York March 12, and Philly March 13, Check out her full event calendar that include more listings.

TONI BRAXTON stormed into the summer of 2018 with the strong hit "As long As I Live". Toni has always been an artist with a heavy statement both in song and appearance. While she has had several releases in 2018 most people think of this song when you mention her name. Check out Toni Braxton in concert in these cities... Jan 23, 2019 Atlanta, Chicago Feb 15, Nashville Feb 4 and 5, New York Feb 7, 10, L.A. March 2-3, Check out her website for full calender.

Jams to watch out for.

Already hitting the clubs on Chicago's southside with a Blaze that is setting the dancefloor on fayh. Dudes be looking at the ladies saying why you gotta look "So Good"…. It's the latest by Slique Jay Adams…

Known for his hit singles "I've Been Searchin", "Stay", "Show Me", We've Only Just Begun" and "Here I Go Again", GLENN JONES is back on beat with his latest single "You And Me". It is already on it's way to be a Chicago "Steppers" hit. GLENN JONES covers the 1980 Rockie Robbins hit with unmistakable vocals thats a welcome sound for the old schoolers and excitement for the fresh new kids on the block.


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January 1, 2019

Happy New Year

It's time to book your event, or maybe you are just planning to do a party. Do you know someone that is getting married? Having a family reunion? Graduation? Company Picnic? Birthday? Just fill out the booking form or call 773-669-7685.

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August 8, 2019

Thirsty Thursday

It's Thirsty Thursday with your DJ's Taurus & Darryl Awesome Owens. Hosted by your Super Bartender Sharon Is it your BIRTHDAY? Come out and we will reserve an area just for you and your firends to party in style. Food and Drinks and more! Jimmy's Place Riverdale, Illinois